Wink at the Moon

Today we live in a world without Neil Armstrong. When he died on 25th August 2012, his spirit left the planet for the second and final time. His family have asked that when we look up at the Moon, we wink, and think of him.

Preparing to get Alzheimer’s

I saw this on TED talks and wanted to share it with you; it’s very moving, but also thought provoking. We’re all getting older, and thanks to advances in medical science, we are tending to live longer. This means that diseases that in the past would have cut our lives short can now be treated, […]

Window on the Universe

As a young astronomer growing up in Manchester, there wasn’t much to see. The omnipresent cumulus clouds and the glow of the sodium lamps reduced the night sky to a puce blanket of damp. If I was lucky, I saw the Moon, and on such rare occasions I looked up and stood still, transfixed by […]


Oooh, it’s been a long time; Years, in fact. So much has happened since my last post it’s hard to know where to begin. I finished the PhD after a long, hard journey which stretched my heart, mind and soul almost to breaking point, and I’ve had a couple of jobs, one of which made […]

Schrödinger’s Chat

One of the strangest things about the Universe is that it cares about what you think. It’s a concept that brings to mind all manner of questions best answered by Zen Buddhist priests, but according to quantum theory, a photon travelling between two points takes all possible paths simultaneously. Think about that for a second. […]

Einstein @ the IOP

I’m currently showing the “Einstein: Man of the Century” exhibition at the Institute of Physics in London. Drawing extensively from the Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the display provides a unique and fascinating insight into the life and times of one of the world’s most iconic scientists. If you can’t get to […]