Einstein, the Big Bang, and Beyond

So much stuff is happening. Too much really, but hey, it’s all good.

The Einstein project is in stasis at the moment, while we wait for the funding to be confirmed, but once that happens, hang onto your hats, because it’s going on tour. In the mean time, I will be guiding school groups around the Big Bang exhibition in London. I’ll also be working on my thesis, teaching seven students, and muddling throught the infernal never-ending housework and other adminstrative tasks that litter my life.

In theory, I should be mad busy, but the odd thing is, I’m finding it hard to do anything. Just getting out of bed is a trial. Maybe it’s because I need to shake of the fatigue of the long, cold winter, or the result of not having a proper, sunny, relaxing holiday for ages. I’ve been working on my PhD for five years. I’ve remapped the Galaxy and modelled it in my mind, and now am completely burnt out. Tired on a fundmental level.  

But, it was bright when I woke up this morning. The days are getting longer and my tomatoes are sprouting in their seed trays. In the park, the migrating Canada Geese have given way to flocks of ring-necked parakeets. Even with the doom and gloom in the markets, and goodness only knows how many wars in the world, things are looking up. There is always hope. The Northern Hemisphere is waking up, and it’s going to be a good year.

I was finally offered a job last week, as a graduate engineer for Thales, which is fabulous and wonderful, and life-changing all at once. Hopefully, I’ll find time after I finish the PhD and before the job starts (in September) to have a real break. Not sure where yet, though. Any suggestions?


  1. Steve Melnikoff

    I hear outer space is nice at this time of year.

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