Schrödinger’s Chat

One of the strangest things about the Universe is that it cares about what you think.

It’s a concept that brings to mind all manner of questions best answered by Zen Buddhist priests, but according to quantum theory, a photon travelling between two points takes all possible paths simultaneously. Think about that for a second. Each photon of light from the bulb over your head is travelling in every direction, bouncing off every surface at every possible angle, and all at the same time; until you look. And that is the wonderful part. Simply observing one particular path causes all of the others to vanish instantaneously. Their wave-functions collapse and the path of your photon is set forever.

Your observations change the Universe, you’re doing it unconsciously all the time, and usually, it doesn’t really matter. So what if the photon went left or right?

But what about conscious observation? Everyday, we make choices. Most of these are inconsequential, but sometimes, they can alter your destiny forever.

Fifteen years ago, I made a decision. I chose to enter a competition, and started a chain of incredible events that run through my life like a string of shining pearls. I won the competition, went to Tokyo, represented my country, and met a Buddhist priest. Now, I’m on a plane heading to Amsterdam where I’ll meet with him again. He has been my friend and guide for half my life, and thanks to him, I’m becoming a system architect. Things could have been so different …

Once in a blue moon, an opportunity arises that must not be missed. Keep your eyes open, and when you get the chance, take it. It could change your life.

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