About Michelle Supper …

Dr. Michelle Supper’s PhD was conferred by the University of Leicester, for her thesis Investigating the Soft X-ray Background of the Milky Way. This followed on from her undergraduate Master’s degree in Physics with Astrophysics, obtained at the University of Birmingham.

Her fascination with space has been long lived; starting at the age of two, when she spent many long hours staring at the Moon, and reaching its zenith in 2004 when she spent a week observing galaxies and comets with the Isaac Newton Telescope on top of a mountain in La Palma.

While an undergraduate in 2000, she founded the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society, and chaired it for a year and a half, during which she guided hundreds of people around the night sky from the roof of the physics department. The society continues to go from strength to strength, and has won awards from the Institute of Physics.

As a PhD student, she taught second and third year undergraduates, managed science outreach events, and produced award-winning research posters. In 2006 Michelle was nominated for the Institute of Physics Young Professional of the Year, and in December of that year, was interviewed live on Sky News about NASA’s proposed Moon-base.

She has tutored maths and physics at every educational stage from primary to A-level, helping her students to achieve the high grades they deserve.

Michelle has worked as a System Architect, in the area of aerospace defence, for Thales UK where she was principle architect for a €21 million project, and a MoDAF modeller on an £800 million project. She has also been a Technical Consultant for BAE Systems Detica, where she helped groups of clients to prepare bid documents, and trained them in presentation skills. She is particulary proud of the £125 million NHS 111 contract that she helped her clients to win, announced on July 16th 2012, and of the testimonials that they have sent through to her.

For two years, Michelle was the Media Representative for the London & South East Branch of the IOP, and produced their information leaflets, and managed their mailings, facebook page and Twitter feed. She also bakes, juggles, dances, and delights in presenting ‘Einstein’s Legacy’ on behalf of the British Friends of the Hebrew University; a fun public lecture describing Einstein’s life, work, and influence on society.

If you are seeking a tutor, a guest speaker, or just a genuine, friendly person who is happy to answer (or try to answer) any questions you have about life, the Universe and everything, please get in touch.


  1. Daryl Luder

    I wondered into your blog trying to find you (nice article from the Borehamwood Times, incidentally). I’m still refusing to use Facebook and I’m not incorporated enough to be ‘LinkedIn’ either, but I am, at least, e-mailable; so get in touch and next time I’m leining in Borehamwood on Shabbat I can arrange to bump into the two of you again. Keep well and Shabbat shalom/shavua tov,


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